alfred Account

Transact, Track and Scale

Track daily and monthly volumes, monitor active user engagement, and optimize your business’s performance with our Dashboard.

Effortlessly monitor your users' activities and access comprehensive insights on transaction types, geographic locations, and timelines to detect trends and enhance your customer analysis.

With multi-user support features, teams can easily collaborate together in one place and assign tasks to more efficiently achieve their goals.

A comprehensive platform that streamlines all your compliance needs. This all-in-one solution ensures that your organization stays compliant while providing a seamless user experience

Leverage alfred’s ecosystem to
scale your business

Collaborate with Team

Our multi-user support feature provides the flexibility to delegate responsibilities to different team members, allowing your business to scale seamlessly.

Build Across LATAM

Your alfred Account provides access to powerful Payouts and services across the region.

Access Comprehensive Reports

Easily analyze your alfred transactions with our downloadable transaction history feature.

Fast Settlement

Use our Bank and Cash Ramps to automatically settle Crypto to Fiat transactions in near real-time.